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360 Photo Booth Automatic Spin with Flight Case

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Buy 360 Photo Booth Automatic Spin with Flight Case Online

360 Photo Booth Automatic Spin with Flight Case


The 360 Photo Booth is an innovative addition to your special event or corporate gathering. This cuttingedge  provides an immersive 360degree view of your images, which makes for spectacular and longlasting memories.

This versatile and customizable technology lets you tailor it to your specific needs. The 360 Photo Booth is the perfect tool to bring your event to life and it can generate memorable videos, stunning gifs, and high-quality images with excellent resolution.

With multiple cameras, every shot will be perfect, and its user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can use it with ease. Whether for a personal celebration or professional event, the 360 Photo Booth is perfect. It’s a must-have item for a unique and exciting way to create unforgettable memories. Also Checkout our Mirror Photo Booth.

The unit works perfectly with your Phone, iPad, DSLR Camera, Or GoPro. The unit comes with a free flight case – making it easier to carry anywhere.

Product weight:

In pounds:
27″ (68cm) – 53 lbs, flight case -31 lbs
31″ (80cm) – 75 lbs, flight case – 40 lbs
39″ (100cm) – 93 lbs, flight case -53 lbs
45″ (115cm) – 110 lbs, flight case – 55 lbs

in kilograms:
27″ (68cm) – 24kg, flight case -14kg
31″ (80cm) – 34kg, flight case – 18kg
39″ (100cm) – 42kg, flight case -24kg
45″ (115cm) – 50kg, flight case – 25kg


1) 27″ (68cm)  can support 1-2 people and can load 200KG.
2) 31″ (80cm)  can support 1-3 people and can load 300KG
3) 39″ (100cm)  can support 1-5 people and can load 400KG
4) 45″ (115cm) can support 1-7 people and can load 500KG

  • Includes:

    • RGB ring light
    • Ambient Light
    • Pole Clamp
    • Phone holder
    • Ipad holder
    • Camera holder
    • Adapter and plug
    • PVC cover
    • Booth controller
    • Led controller
    • Props for fun shoots
    • Flight case (the case it self can be damaged by the time it arrives to you during transit)


  • What’s needed after you receive your machine:

    1. A CR 2025 battery for your LED lights remote
    2. A A23 12V battery for your remote to your 360 machine
    3. Wireless charging box for your ring light

    Recommended items needed:

    1. Rubber bottoms, to keep the machine from sliding if no rug is used
    2. Zip ties for your color scrap or other cords you may want to tie down

    Note: The Photo Booth platform does not include iPhone or electronic equipment. Recommended parts list is available.


  • How many people can fit in PRO 360 Photo Booth?

    The ​Pro 360 Photo Booth with Flight Case is available in 4 sizes:

    • 27″ (68 cm) – which can accommodate 1-2 people and can load 200KG
    • 31″ (80 cm) – which can accommodate 1-3 people and can load 300KG
    • 39″ (100 cm) – which can accommodate 1-5 people and can load 400KG
    • 45″ (115 cm) – which can accommodate 1-7 people and can load 500KG


  • How much space do you need?

    The top variant of 360 photo booth will need about 15 by 15-foot area. However, the arm is completely adjustable. So if you are short on space, you can pull the arm inside.


  • Can we adjust height?

    Absolutely yes, the mount is adjustable and can cater for all heights.


  • Do I need extra lighting?

    PRO 360 photo booth comes with RGB Ring Light and Ambient Light. This will work fine for most of the event, but if you are hosting a show in a dark area, we recommend using an extra LED panel(s).


  • Can you set up 360 photo booth in outdoor space?

    Yes, 360 photo booth is perfect for outdoor parties. But keep an eye on the weather because excessive moisture in the air can jeopardize your equipment’s. Also, make sure your setup is close to an electrical outlet.

    If it’s not you can purchase a power bank (mobile battery) strong enough to run the photo booth.


  • Is it safe for kids?

    Yes, the sturdy, ergonomic design of OUR 360 PHOTO BOOTH makes it the safest, fun-loving available in the market.

    When the arm spin please make sure watcher are keeping their distance.


  • Recommended Software

    tiktok is free, many people use it with tiktok and it provides good results.
    touchpix app – if you want to use ipad or iphone – for DSLR or GoPro